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Relaxation and rejuvenation at your service...

1. Is there something you would like to let go of today?

2. Is there something you would like to bring in today?

3. What are you most thankful for?

4. When you leave today, how do you want to feel?

5. Do you mind if I include any of these in your session?

therapeutic massage 

Thai inspired energy work and passive stretching 

foot reflexology


guided breathing exercises 

My goal is to offer therapeutic relaxation at its best.

In our sessions we will address tension caused by work or any other stressful activities including sports injuries and repetitive injuries, and just life in general

...being a human. 


The stress on the body from sitting too long, driving too long, travel in general, working at a computer or desk, standing for long hours, repetitive injuries from work or a sport, or many of life's challenges can accumulate, cause tense muscle and postural problems.


Imbalances from injuries and stress can linger and become a chronic problem.

The body talks and we listen.


Old traumas and new can cause us to feel run down, tired, or like something is just not quite in harmony, and we need to take care of ourselves.


Let me help you out. I would love to see you to feel your best, take care of yourself, and go a healing journey.


Bonus, when we feel great everyone around us can feel it too. We have more energy and can simply enjoy everything in life with more ease.


When the body is in alignment and we feel relatively stress free, we are less likely to get ill, feel low on energy, or become injured.


Wellness is the state of being in good health, as a pursued goal.

It’s a lifestyle.


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